I’ll creep up on you in the night

Take your misery last breath

Kill the darkness you hold inside

Introduce you and seduce you

A stranger … you are

Here … in this place

Marked flesh

Ecstasy’s best

Desire … watches you come alive

Passion … created before my eyes

The animal inside

Hides no more

You … sin




My fallen angel … lying on the floor

We ebb and flow

Lustful luscious lips

Sweet sweat kissed

Taste like fate

Your demons plead

For once they all agree

Assisting the release

Let’s stand on the edge

Just a little bit longer

Thighs quiver like thunder

Your fists fall to the floor

Catatonically Comatose

I slip away

By the time I come back



Sex with

mind mixture freaks

Bastet and Qadesh


Batqesh Sated

Lynsie Chase



Photograph I took last summer in Kansas City, KS …. By Lynsie Chase

I met you there

In shallow clouds

Draped in, ivory satin gowns.

You walked with friends,

Strangers to me.

Your hair was long and flowing

The candles were lit

And lights dull

A ceremony only I could see

I squinted my eyes to look closer

And right at that moment, you looked over your shoulder

I woke from our sacred place

And quickly shut my eyes in hopes

Of falling asleep never to be woke.

WeatheRaveN by Day

LotuSLighT by Night

Lynsie Chase aka Lynzie Chase

Created: 6/22/2021



I sit with my soul

Eternity it holds

Steadfast and True

My Temple My Room

Feels empty without you

I hear no words

Or soft whispers

Tears form from gentle pictures

My heart now blisters

Worn and tired




Again I sit with my questions

How long must this continue

When will my feelings finally slumber

When will I finally achieve it

My heartsick and I can’t seem to free it

Gone cold

Gone bitter

Others advance it

I’ve considered

At least one or two

In the end

This heart

My heart

Only yearns for you





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